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VoluntEAR to spread Disney magic during your program

August 10, 2018

Applications for the 2019 spring and spring advantage programs will open soon, and many of you are getting ready to apply for this life-changing internship experience. As you’re preparing for the recruiting season and a potential interview, you’ll probably think about everything the Disney College Program can do for you…

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‘Winnie the Pooh’ quotes to guide you on your program

August 8, 2018

The Walt Disney Company has a knack for bringing characters to life that teach us lasting lessons. Whether it’s on paper, film or in person at one of our parks and resorts, these characters have a way of speaking to us all. Most recently, Walt Disney Studios has brought “Winnie…

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Demystifying Disney abbreviations

August 7, 2018

The Walt Disney Company sure loves acronyms and shortened words, and Walt Disney World® Resort is no exception. But WDW, DLC, TTC – what do they all mean?! If you haven’t started on your program quite yet, get ready. You’re about to be thrown into a world of language shortcuts that…

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Meet Brandon, one of the faces behind the scenes of the Disney Alumni Association

August 2, 2018

With over 43k members, our Disney Alumni Association continues to grow every day. Meet Brandon, an Interview Partner on the Disney Campus Recruitment team. Brandon assists the Disney Alumni Association by responding to questions in the inbox, posting on our Twitter and Instagram platforms and assisting with approvals into our…

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Top 10 moments in Disney College Program history

July 25, 2018

The Disney College Program gives students the chance to live, learn and earn at Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort.  It is a paid internship for a world-renowned company that will not only stand out on their résumé but allow them the unique opportunity to network and learn from…

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Passing on the passion: Janneth’s journey to inspiring Girls Who Code

July 20, 2018

Within a company filled with magic, it’s easy to wonder where all of it comes from. Pull back the curtain on The Walt Disney Company and you’ll see that technology and diversity are two of the major forces helping create unforgettable experiences for guests and consumers, as well as a…

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10 things you didn’t know you could do on an East Coast Disney Program

July 10, 2018

Playing in the parks is always a great idea, but did you know there are lots of new and exciting things you can experience outside of the parks as part of a Disney Program? From trips to favorite locations all around Central Florida, to boosting your professionalism with education offerings,…

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Spotlight on ESPN’s Charlotte office

July 5, 2018

We are thrilled to welcome ESPN interns throughout the year in Bristol, New York City, Los Angeles, Austin and Charlotte, and we wanted to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Charlotte, North Carolina, location! The Charlotte office is ESPN’s college sports hub and is home to ESPNU and…

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Cracking the Code, Part one: Inspiring women in technology Disney Professional Internships

July 2, 2018

Technology and diversity are two major forces that drive the culture at Disney, and empowering women to be involved in the tech industry is key to inspiring the future of technology. There are endless opportunities for women in tech at The Walt Disney Company – and they are constantly growing!…

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Advice from current participants for an extra magical program

June 21, 2018

For many of you, this is your first time on the program. After being accepted you’re bound to have some questions! We spoke to some current participants for some tips and advice. What better way to prepare than to hear it from those who are currently experiencing it? Whether you’re…

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