Housing costs range from $175 to $235* per week depending on the type of apartment a participant selects to live in during their program.
A program fee total of $415-$435* will be due when a participant accepts their invitation to participate in the program.
Housing costs are automatically deducted weekly from a participant’s paycheck**.
This program fee is a one-time, nonrefundable fee supporting the administration, events and activities scheduled throughout the program.
This housing cost includes utilities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, water, waste disposal and electricity (with a cap).
A portion of this fee is also applied to the participant's first week of housing costs. Please note that this fee must be paid by a credit/debit card as a single payment.
* All costs and fees listed are subject to change.
** Please note that International Program Operating Participants should contact their Human Resources department with questions about weekly housing costs.