What is a Learning Partner?

The special relationship formed between a Disney English Foreign Trainer and a Learning Partner is one of the things that makes working for Disney English a unique experience. A Learning Partner is a Cast Member from China who works alongside our Foreign Trainers. They assist in the classroom, in the center and even outside of work. You work together and rely on each other as a team. Continue reading “What is a Learning Partner?”

Meet Ashton: Teacher, Traveler and Tarzan Fan in Guangzhou

Ask any Disney Cast Member, and they can tell you at least one of their favorite Disney characters. The same is true of Ashton, a Foreign Trainer from Australia currently working in Guangzhou; his favorite Disney character is Tarzan.

Tarzan learned to communicate and talk to Jane through hard work, perseverance and fun (and a lot of patience from Jane!).

As a Foreign Trainer for almost two years, Ashton is quite familiar with this communication method, since he must work around language barriers in order to teach and communicate with his students. It’s not always easy, but Disney English provides the materials, teaching methods and lesson plans that make it all possible.

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Must-See Exclusives at Shanghai Disney Resort

Are you looking forward to visiting Shanghai Disney Resort? The resort includes Shanghai Disneyland park; two Disney hotels; Disneytown, a shopping, dining and entertainment district; and Wishing Star Park. Shanghai Disney Resort is easily accessible by public transportation. In fact, once you get off the Shanghai metro (or local bus or taxi), you can simply walk to the attractions.

As a Foreign Trainer, you gain access to several amazing perks, including complimentary admission to Disney-owned theme parks! This means you have access to Disney’s newest park – Shanghai Disneyland – which opened June 16, 2016. Shanghai Disneyland is home to several magical attractions and entertainment options that you cannot find anywhere else!

Here are our top exclusives to check out while visiting this unique blend of Disney magic and Chinese culture: Continue reading “Must-See Exclusives at Shanghai Disney Resort”

From Disney College Program, to Disney English and back to Walt Disney World

After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor’s degree in theater and a minor in education, Sammie moved to Orlando for the Disney College Program. She worked in Merchandise at Storybook Circus in Magic Kingdom Park.

When her program ended, her years of experience teaching dance and theater helped her land jobs as a preschool teacher and as a resident assistant at a boarding school.

Her experiences helped her prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as a Disney English Foreign Trainer in Beijing! Continue reading “From Disney College Program, to Disney English and back to Walt Disney World”

Public Transportation in China

Geographically, China is a very large country – a little bigger than the continental United States – and Chinese cities are sprawling metropolises with millions of residents. At first, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer size of your new hometown, but once you get your feet wet and understand how to get around, your new world becomes a lot more manageable.

Here are the top ways to travel in everyday life: Continue reading “Public Transportation in China”