VoluntEARing at Summer Camp

One of my favorite things about working for Disney English is the family we are able to build as magic makers living abroad. Some of my best friends are trainers that teach in the classrooms beside mine. We work together, we often live together, and we travel together. As Disney English Foreign Trainers, we work hard to build our community, and that work extends beyond our professional relationships and social lives. For me, spending a Wednesday with my friends and Disney VoluntEARs is a day off well spent. Continue reading “VoluntEARing at Summer Camp”

Working Together at Our Disney English Centers

As you would expect, working as a team is a key component to success at Disney English. Every cast member is critical in helping each Disney English center achieve its goals.

Disney English has centers in six major cities in mainland China: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. And within each of these cities, there are several Disney English centers.

Each department and position play a role in creating a great guest experience and make each Disney English center a fun place to work. Continue reading “Working Together at Our Disney English Centers”

Celebrating Disney Day!

Each spring, Disney English centers throughout China celebrate Disney Day!

This is a special day for everyone to come together and experience some of the Disney magic we create every day (for our learners). We all head to Shanghai Disneyland theme park. We pack our water bottles and sunscreen in preparation for a day of making new friends and memories we will never forget! Continue reading “Celebrating Disney Day!”

What is a Learning Partner?

The special relationship formed between a Disney English Foreign Trainer and a Learning Partner is one of the things that makes working for Disney English a unique experience. A Learning Partner is a Cast Member from China who works alongside our Foreign Trainers. They assist in the classroom, in the center and even outside of work. You work together and rely on each other as a team. Continue reading “What is a Learning Partner?”