A Look Ahead for 2020

As we look ahead to the new year, it’s safe to say 2019 was quite a whirlwind year for me. I left the comforts of home and moved to the other side of the world to work for Disney English. Since moving to Beijing, I’ve been able to see, learn and do so much. The past year has flown by so quickly that I almost feel like I didn’t accomplish even a fraction of what I wanted to do. Thankfully, 2020 is here, which means another year of changing, growing, exploring and learning. Here are some things that I am most looking forward to this year. Continue reading “A Look Ahead for 2020”

Navigating Disneytown at Shanghai Disney Resort

If you’re anything like me, visiting Shanghai Disney Resort will be one of your top priorities when you first arrive in China. As a huge Disney Parks fan, a big part of that for me is exploring the entire resort, not just what the park itself has to offer. In Shanghai, that means spending time in Disneytown; Shanghai’s answer to Downtown Disney and Disney Springs in the United States. Disneytown offers shopping, dining and world-class entertainment, and it’s just outside the gates of Shanghai Disneyland!

Disneytown is divided up into five distinct districts, with each one offering something unique for everyone. Continue reading “Navigating Disneytown at Shanghai Disney Resort”

Celebrating Holidays in China

The most important aspect of every holiday is gathering with family and friends; eating, playing games and enjoying one another’s company. While more Westernized holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day have become important in China, the country is full of rich history and tradition that has spread throughout society and influenced how the Chinese celebrate holidays. We’re going to explore the way locals celebrate their biggest holidays and how, as foreigners, we can get involved in the celebrations! Continue reading “Celebrating Holidays in China”

Choosing the Right Apartment for Your Lifestyle

Living in China has been a life-changing experience that has altered how I view the world. And a big part of this experience has been having an apartment that reflects my vision for how I want to structure my life outside of work.

One of the first decisions a new Disney English Foreign Trainer needs to make within the first few weeks of arrival is where to live. Prior to that, our Foreign Trainers live in a hotel that is paid for by Disney English. After that, each Foreign Trainer receives a monthly stipend that can cover – or partially cover – his or her housing expenses.

I was filled with excitement at the prospect of choosing my apartment! It made me feel independent as it was up to me to determine the type of apartment, location and whether or not to live with roommates. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Apartment for Your Lifestyle”

Nanjing City Guide

I live and work in Nanjing, and I love it!

Located 187 miles (301 km) northwest of Shanghai, Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu province. The city of 8.3 million people is an amazing mixture of traditional and modern styles and offers a temperate climate.

Did you know that Nanjing has been the capital of China several times in its long history?

There’s so much to do in – and around – Nanjing, so let’s get started! Here are some of my favorite things to do: Continue reading “Nanjing City Guide”

Finding an Apartment in China

At some point in the process of applying to become a Disney English Foreign Trainer, you’ll start to think about your living arrangements in China. You might be a bit worried or anxious about finding an apartment overseas.

Maybe you’re wondering: How easy will it be to find a place to live? Where will I be working, and what areas of the city are close to my Disney English Learning Center? Where are the best places in the city to live for fun and entertainment? I know I was a bit of a nervous wreck in the weeks before my flight to China, so don’t worry! You are not alone. Continue reading “Finding an Apartment in China”

Chengdu City Guide

When I received my job offer as a Foreign Trainer with Disney English, my first question was: Where will I be living? I soon learned I would be moving to Chengdu, a major city in western China. I had never heard of this place! My recruiter told me about Sichuan Province: spicy cuisine, beautiful mountains and the country’s largest Panda Research Bases. Hikes, good food and pandas? Sign me up!

I have lived in Chengdu for more than two years, and I fall more in love with my city every day. There is so much to experience!

Here are six must-see places and experiences for a first visit to Chengdu: Continue reading “Chengdu City Guide”

Discovering China

Before you arrive in China, you already know there are some “must visit” sites. From the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, to the pandas in Chengdu, to the Terra Cotta warriors in Xi’an, China has a long, rich history. By living and working in China, I have seen these and many other sites with my own eyes, rather than through a book or TV show. Continue reading “Discovering China”

Public Transportation in China

Geographically, China is a very large country – a little bigger than the continental United States – and Chinese cities are sprawling metropolises with millions of residents. At first, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer size of your new hometown, but once you get your feet wet and understand how to get around, your new world becomes a lot more manageable.

Here are the top ways to travel in everyday life: Continue reading “Public Transportation in China”