Learning Chinese from a Native Speaker

Before I moved to China, I had gone out to dinner with some friends. In the moment, I was feeling optimistic, energized and extremely excited to start a new chapter in my book of adventures. While sitting at the table, enjoying our meals and conversation, one of my friends had asked me, “Do you even know any Chinese?” That’s when I froze and my feelings shifted. I became uncertain. I didn’t know Chinese. On my drive home, I thought about all of the new emotions I was having and asked myself, “Why I am feeling like this?” I realized it was the fear of the unknown, of not knowing the language.

A few days later, my bags were packed and my passport was ready for new stamps. I was the one in the driver’s seat and I was in control. I promised myself that I would take Chinese classes once I was settled in Nanjing, China. Continue reading “Learning Chinese from a Native Speaker”

What to Expect When You Land in China

You may be wondering: What’s it like to travel to China? And are there some tips for making the process go more smoothly? Fortunately, Disney English is here to help!

A foreign airport might seem overwhelming, but you’ll find that most signs are in multiple languages and that someone from Disney English will be waiting to welcome you to China.

Here are some expectations and tips for when you land: Continue reading “What to Expect When You Land in China”

6 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Our Disney English Recruiters receive many applications for the role of Foreign Trainer in China. So you may be wondering: How can I make my resume stand out?

First, be sure you have researched the Foreign Trainer role so you have a good understanding of the qualifications and responsibilities needed to be successful. In addition to reading articles about Disney English on this blog, you should review information on our Disney Careers website about working for us as a Foreign Trainer. Once you are comfortable with the expectations, you are ready to apply.

Here are a few tips from our Talent Acquisition team that will help you design your resume to catch a recruiter’s eye: Continue reading “6 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out”

Unique Items to Include on Your Packing List for China

Making the move to China is an exciting new change! You get to explore a new country, immerse yourself in a new culture and discover a whole new world of possibilities! But before you hop on the plane to begin your new adventure, you must complete a pretty important task: packing. While packing may sound fairly straightforward, deciding what you need to take to a foreign country is no easy endeavor. In fact, several products you may take for granted in your home country may be completely different in China.

But have no fear! We went to the experts for help. We reached out to current Disney English Foreign Trainers to learn what important items you should pack for your new career in China: Continue reading “Unique Items to Include on Your Packing List for China”