The Benefits of a Disney English Career

When deciding to move abroad for a new career, there are many things to consider. Aside from the desire for adventure, doing something new, and experiencing a new culture; what benefits are offered is a big consideration point.

Disney English wants to support you through your adventure abroad and has many benefits to make you (and your family) more comfortable with this next big step.

Health Insurance
All our trainers are fully insured under our insurance policy, starting from the first day of their contracts. The premium is paid by the company and there are no deductibles. Our insurance policy works on a co-pay system. This means that trainers are responsible for some payment for medical services and medication.

Getting to China is one stress point we handle for you. Once trainers have their Z visa issued in their passport, the flight to China is booked for them. When your contract is over, and you are ready to return home, you will have to book the flight yourself. However, there is a travel allowance (420 RMB) built into the monthly salary to go toward that cost.

Housing Cost
The cost of housing varies from city to city, district to district, and style of housing to style of housing. In order to help our trainers with the cost of living in China, a housing allowance is built into the monthly salary. The amount is different for each city based on the cost of living.

Apartments can be found in smaller buildings like these, or in large high rises like those in the background.

Relocation costs
When you arrive in China there will be some additional costs. You may choose to pay for extra luggage on your flight, you will need things like new linens for your bed, or you may want a new lamp because the one in your new apartment is just not your style. Whatever those costs, Disney English provides all trainers with a resettlement allowance (7000 RMB) together with the first paycheck to help offset those costs.

TEFL Certificate
Having a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate is necessary for all Foreign Trainers at Disney English. This certificate is also needed for your Z visa application. We provide a TEFL course for all of our trainers after an offer is accepted to help make the process smoother and prepare our trainers for the role.

Culture Shock
Not sure how to deal with living in a new culture? All our trainers are provided access to an online platform called the Culture Wizard to help understand the differences between your culture and background and the culture in China. Access to this platform is given around 1-2 months prior to arrival in China.

Learning Mandarin
Before you arrive in China it’s a good idea to have a few key phrases in Mandarin under your belt. All our trainers will be giving access to Rosetta Stone: Mandarin 1-2 months prior to arrival in China.

Disney Experiences
All our trainers will be given a Main Entrance pass after they pass the probation period. This handy card will give you free access to all our Disney parks (with the exception of Tokyo Disney Resort). Don’t want to go alone? No worries; the Main Entrance pass allows you to admit three guests with you. One problem is that it is not realistic to travel to Florida every time your sister wants to go to Epcot. But that’s ok, our trainers are given 4 complimentary tickets per year (2 in the winter and 2 in the summer) that can be downloaded and emailed to friends and family so they can enjoy the Disney parks for free.

Did you say discounts? Yes, our trainers will also enjoy discounts on merchandise (including The Disney Store), experiences and resorts.

As a Foreign Trainer, you can explore all that our Disney Parks have to offer, including Tomorrowland at Shanghai Disney Resort!

Movies in China
Not all movies from the United States are released in China but when Disney, Pixar, Marvel, or Lucasfilm movies come to China, our trainers will receive a digital voucher for the movie ticket. This means most movies from those studios are free (or extremely discounted if you want to go to a VIP theatre).

From financial to practical to fun; Disney English has your benefits covered.