Navigating Disneytown at Shanghai Disney Resort

If you’re anything like me, visiting Shanghai Disney Resort will be one of your top priorities when you first arrive in China. As a huge Disney Parks fan, a big part of that for me is exploring the entire resort, not just what the park itself has to offer. In Shanghai, that means spending time in Disneytown; Shanghai’s answer to Downtown Disney and Disney Springs in the United States. Disneytown offers shopping, dining and world-class entertainment, and it’s just outside the gates of Shanghai Disneyland!

Disneytown is divided up into five distinct districts, with each one offering something unique for everyone.

The Marketplace District
The Marketplace District is your classic Downtown Disney-style shopping area. They even have a World of Disney store, along with other favorites like Tren-D and D-Street! All of these Disney retail options are connected in one giant building (you’ll want everything, trust me, especially the Shanghai Disney exclusive merchandise).


You’ll want to buy everything in this store. Seriously. But don’t worry, as a Foreign Trainer you get a Cast Member Discount!

Other retail options in The Marketplace include Build-A-Bear and the Lego Store, amongst others. As for food and beverage, Starbucks, located just outside of World of Disney, is just one of the numerous options in the Marketplace available to give you the fuel you need for a day of shopping!

The Lakeshore District
Located across from The Marketplace is The Lakeshore District. This district is my personal favorite for its summery vibes and boardwalk-style architecture.

The Lakeshore District’s colorful architecture will give you all the summery vibes.

The Lakeshore District sits on the edge of Wishing Star Lake and offers beautiful views of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. It also boasts attractions such as a giant rubber duck Donald, multiple retail stores like TOMS and Crocs, as well as boat rentals!

If you’re looking to dine outside with a waterfront view, The Lakeshore District is your go-to! Its two restaurants both feature outdoor seating areas right on the water.

Spice Alley
If you’re hungry once you leave the Marketplace and Lakeshore District, head down the narrow, string-lit, Spice Alley.

This aptly named alleyway is lined with delicious restaurants featuring a wide variety of Asian cuisine. Each restaurant offers many choices, every one mouthwatering. Even if you’re not hungry, Spice Alley still deserves a look for its immersive atmosphere!

Spice Alley welcomes all diners, featuring large menus and exotic tastes that will appeal to everyone.

Broadway Boulevard
Broadway Boulevard is the high-end shopping promenade in Disneytown featuring stores like Pandora, UGG, and Sephora. This district is great for window (and actual!) shopping. Also on Broadway Boulevard is the expat-favorite Blue Frog Bar and Grill. This chain is huge in China, featuring western dining options and great specials.

Broadway Plaza
At the top of Broadway Boulevard is Broadway Plaza, named so because it’s home to a Broadway-style theater! The Walt Disney Grand Theater is currently home to Beauty and the Beast (which, as a cast member, we can get discounted tickets for). The show is entirely in Mandarin, but if you’re like me and you know every word anyway, it’s fascinating to hear it in another language! The performers, staging and costuming are all phenomenal, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has time.

The beautiful Walt Disney Grand Theater, where Beauty and the Beast has daily performances.

Whether you’re visiting for a quick weekend or you’re located in Shanghai and visiting for the hundredth time, Disneytown is well worth an afternoon. For a full list of restaurants, shops, and attractions in Disneytown, visit

Foreign Trainer, Shanghai