What is a Disney Trainer?

My first day of onboarding is when I met a Disney Trainer for the first time. On her chest was a pin that read ‘Disney Trainer’ with Jiminy Cricket standing proudly; as an avid pin collector, it immediately caught my eye. I acclimated to my life in China, soon became acquainted with my team and my Disney English center. Then I asked my Senior Foreign Trainer — who had the same pin — “What do I need to do to get one of those pins?” With a smile, she looked at her pin and encouraged me to work hard in the classroom so that one day I could also go through the process and become a Disney Trainer.

First day of Disney English with my onboarding group.

I then asked my Language Learning Director what it meant to be a Disney Trainer. He told me that while Disney Trainers do indeed help train fellow cast members, they are also considered to be role models in the company. We discussed what I would need to become a Disney Trainer – namely above average results in the classroom and the confidence to speak in front of a group. When I was qualified to apply, we sent in my application with fingers crossed.

Little did I know that this infatuation with a pin would lead me down a professional road that continued to grow!

It’s not official until you have the pin!

The day had finally arrived: It was time for me to attend a “Train the Trainer” session with other Foreign Trainers from our Disney English centers throughout China. We learned different methods and techniques for training new cast members and the importance of Disney Trainers across the company as a whole – not just within Disney English. In this moment, I was truly honored to become a Disney Trainer for The Walt Disney Company.

In order to successfully complete our training, we needed to lead two trainings: one in our Disney English center and one as part of the onboarding team for new cast members.

I could not believe that I was now qualified to prepare the new Foreign Trainers who were arriving in China!

Group photo after a training day!

Now as an official Disney Trainer with a pin, I wanted to help as many people as I possibly could. I was always volunteering in and out of the Disney English center to help train the new Foreign Trainers. I was even given the opportunity to lead a training day for an auditorium full of non-Disney English teachers from rural China! It was an experience that left me feeling proud to be a Disney Trainer.

A fellow Disney Trainer and I with our trainees for the day. These teachers had traveled from all over rural China to attend this training day.

Time passed and after three years of continuous contract renewals as a Disney Trainer, I was offered an opportunity to be a Master Disney Trainer with Disney English. In this new role, I would be training a new generation of Disney Trainers and teaching the same classes that I also once sat through. Of course, I accepted the opportunity and can proudly say that there are more Disney Trainers in the world – thanks to my obsession with a pin.