Taking a Disney Journey from Australia to the U.S. to China!

Landing at the airport in Orlando, Florida changed my life! As I walked off the plane, I realized this was it: my Disney journey was finally beginning! I was about to become a Disney cast member as part of Disney’s Australia & New Zealand Cultural Exchange Program.

Becoming a Disney cast member had always been a dream of mine. There are limited opportunities to work for The Walt Disney Company in my home country of Australia. Joining Disney International Programs at Walt Disney World® Resort in the U.S. was my chance to work for a global company that is known for its magical entertainment. Continue reading “Taking a Disney Journey from Australia to the U.S. to China!”

What to Expect When You Land in China

You may be wondering: What’s it like to travel to China? And are there some tips for making the process go more smoothly? Fortunately, Disney English is here to help!

A foreign airport might seem overwhelming, but you’ll find that most signs are in multiple languages and that someone from Disney English will be waiting to welcome you to China.

Here are some expectations and tips for when you land: Continue reading “What to Expect When You Land in China”

Celebrating Disney Day!

Each spring, Disney English centers throughout China celebrate Disney Day!

This is a special day for everyone to come together and experience some of the Disney magic we create every day (for our learners). We all head to Shanghai Disneyland theme park. We pack our water bottles and sunscreen in preparation for a day of making new friends and memories we will never forget! Continue reading “Celebrating Disney Day!”

Finding an Apartment in China

At some point in the process of applying to become a Disney English Foreign Trainer, you’ll start to think about your living arrangements in China. You might be a bit worried or anxious about finding an apartment overseas.

Maybe you’re wondering: How easy will it be to find a place to live? Where will I be working, and what areas of the city are close to my Disney English Learning Center? Where are the best places in the city to live for fun and entertainment? I know I was a bit of a nervous wreck in the weeks before my flight to China, so don’t worry! You are not alone. Continue reading “Finding an Apartment in China”

Meet Haley: Finding Her ‘Ohana with Disney English

Greetings from Nanjing, China!

I remember my excitement upon receiving a job offer from Disney English. I had already spent the summer of 2015 living in Xi’an, a city known for its Terracotta Warriors. So I squealed with happiness at the realization that I would get to return to China to teach English to children and become part of the Disney family. I was familiar with China, and I was eager to live in a new city, take on a unique role and begin an amazing adventure! Continue reading “Meet Haley: Finding Her ‘Ohana with Disney English”

6 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Our Disney English Recruiters receive many applications for the role of Foreign Trainer in China. So you may be wondering: How can I make my resume stand out?

First, be sure you have researched the Foreign Trainer role so you have a good understanding of the qualifications and responsibilities needed to be successful. In addition to reading articles about Disney English on this blog, you should review information on our Disney Careers website about working for us as a Foreign Trainer. Once you are comfortable with the expectations, you are ready to apply.

Here are a few tips from our Talent Acquisition team that will help you design your resume to catch a recruiter’s eye: Continue reading “6 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out”

Meet one of the first Foreign Trainers

Is this the “real Disney?”

I asked that question during my interview in 2008 to be one of the first Foreign Trainers for the new Disney English company opening in China. Previously, I had been fortunate to extensively travel and live internationally, so I had seen my fair share of knockoff and bootleg Disney items and businesses around the world.

On my first day in Shanghai, I realized this was indeed the real Disney! One tour around the Disney Corporate office confirmed that, and a trip to the hard hat construction zone of our first Disney English Center made it crystal clear. Continue reading “Meet one of the first Foreign Trainers”