Lesson Planning at Disney English

When I sit down in my classroom at the start of each term, I don’t feel the stress about deciding where to start when it comes to lesson planning. I know that all of the resources I need are right at my fingertips. As a Foreign Trainer, we have access to example lesson plans as well as trainer-made materials from other trainers at my center—both current and former. We also have access to activity books filled with games and instructions, which are all available to us on our computers. Lesson planning at Disney English is simple and stress-free! Continue reading “Lesson Planning at Disney English”

Exploring Seoul: Where Tradition and Culture Blend

One of my all-time favorite travel weekends during my time here in Shanghai has been my trip to Seoul, South Korea. My roommate Lauren, who is a Senior Foreign Trainer as well, was also interested in discovering South Korea. So as soon as we had a long weekend, we booked a trip! Everything about Seoul and the country of South Korea surpassed my expectations. Continue reading “Exploring Seoul: Where Tradition and Culture Blend”

A Look Ahead for 2020

As we look ahead to the new year, it’s safe to say 2019 was quite a whirlwind year for me. I left the comforts of home and moved to the other side of the world to work for Disney English. Since moving to Beijing, I’ve been able to see, learn and do so much. The past year has flown by so quickly that I almost feel like I didn’t accomplish even a fraction of what I wanted to do. Thankfully, 2020 is here, which means another year of changing, growing, exploring and learning. Here are some things that I am most looking forward to this year. Continue reading “A Look Ahead for 2020”

A Year in Review: 2019

In what seems like the blink of an eye, another year working for Disney English has passed. It’s hard to believe that I’m now at the end of my second contract as a Senior Foreign Trainer in Guangzhou, China. Needless to say, the past year has been magical in so many ways. I was able to travel a lot more, make the most amazing memories with great friends and see my students thrive in the classroom. As I begin my third contract, I’ve reflected on the past year and can’t wait to share some of the best memories with all of you! Continue reading “A Year in Review: 2019”

Meet Cat: Finding Your Community in Shanghai

You could say my journey started when I visited Ireland back in 2016. I’d been completing a summer internship in Dublin and my study abroad company took us to see the Cliffs of Moher. They were a staggering height, like nothing I’d ever seen before. After wandering away from the crowds of tourists, past the cows and winding paths, I unearthed the small leather diary from my pack. I thought, hey, this traveling business is pretty cool and what I wrote down was a promise to live in another country. Continue reading “Meet Cat: Finding Your Community in Shanghai”

Must-Dos in Singapore

Singapore has an incredible melting-pot quality to it that draws in anyone from anywhere in the world and makes them feel right at home. The country of Singapore has been a sovereign state for only 54 years, yet it has managed, in that short period of time, to create a unique culture that highlights diversity everywhere you go. English is also the official language of Singapore, so no need to worry about language barriers! Continue reading “Must-Dos in Singapore”

Tips for Developing Your Career with Disney English

When first starting out with Disney English, I was not 100% sure of my goals with the company. I was a teacher at home and was very happy with just a year to travel. However, with a little push from the people around me, I have found my place in China and developed a great life with Disney English. My two years with the company have been filled with growth, development and improvement! Here are a couple of tips from me to you on how you can develop your career with Disney English. Continue reading “Tips for Developing Your Career with Disney English”

The Benefits of a Disney English Career

When deciding to move abroad for a new career, there are many things to consider. Aside from the desire for adventure, doing something new, and experiencing a new culture; what benefits are offered is a big consideration point.

Disney English wants to support you through your adventure abroad and has many benefits to make you (and your family) more comfortable with this next big step. Continue reading “The Benefits of a Disney English Career”

Navigating Disneytown at Shanghai Disney Resort

If you’re anything like me, visiting Shanghai Disney Resort will be one of your top priorities when you first arrive in China. As a huge Disney Parks fan, a big part of that for me is exploring the entire resort, not just what the park itself has to offer. In Shanghai, that means spending time in Disneytown; Shanghai’s answer to Downtown Disney and Disney Springs in the United States. Disneytown offers shopping, dining and world-class entertainment, and it’s just outside the gates of Shanghai Disneyland!

Disneytown is divided up into five distinct districts, with each one offering something unique for everyone. Continue reading “Navigating Disneytown at Shanghai Disney Resort”